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Title We will close down on 30 June 2020
Posted by Coffeega Co., LTd (ip:)
  • Date 2020-05-26 23:12:13
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Unfortunately, we need to inform you of our latest news.


Coffeega is a small company and we work together with our partners who provide us essential parts such as glasses and valves, etc.

As you know, many countries in the world are suffering from economic crisis. Finally it led us to a same situation. So we had to make a very hard decision, because this is not an issue just for us.

We therefore reached to the conclusion, that it is not a short term this time which we can overcome as we did.


We’re not good enough.

we had a wonderful dream about reviving a stagnant small manufacturing sector with a solid base in Korea. It also reminds us of our partners who tried to find the way together. We’ve overcome lots of difficulties since we founded in 2011. However we were not ready for this uncertain situation so we failed to meet some practical challenges.


We failed.

We used to ask ourselves how long we could keep our name.

We couldn’t keep this name to the very end. This makes us depressed.


This is not a failure.

Our products are evidences of our devotion, symbol of our young spirit, our last ten years.

We were honest. We refused to compromise with low quality. We never let up on maintaining high quality. We were happy in this decade.

If the important thing here is the way we passed, not just the result itself, we didn’t fail.

And this is a message to encourage all our colleagues who walked with us.


You’re my pride.

No matter how hard we tried, if there’s no response from customers, that wouldn’t be a good product.

But you answered to our products. Thanks to your choice, we could maintain our pride for those ten years. We appreciate you to be with us.


We are in the end game.

To be sure, it’s the highest quality that we made all products by hand from the very first wooden working to the last packaging in the name of Coffeega.

Now, It’s time to fade away for us. But we wish you all the best, that our products will stand out clearly with you to establish your coffee life more splendid.


And there is one more thing we need to inform you.

Our products including all parts will no longer be produced from at the end of June. If you need them, please order products, glasses and any other parts against damage before closing. And above all, we wish you to use our products carefully.


Again, we apologize of our upcoming absence. And we really thank you for staying with us.


We’ll do our best until THE END.



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